Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Could Have A Nasty Custody Battle

Although, no papers have been filed yet, Kim Kardashian is making preparations for her divorce from Kanye West.

The reality star has already hired famed attorney Laura Wessler to handle her upcoming split. She's also created an exit plan to make sure her and Kanye's finances are split fairly.

While Kim and Kanye may not battle over finances, they'll have a huge fight on their hands when it comes to custody of their four kids.

Kim and Kanye's children range in age from one to seven. Kim's main priority while preparing for the divorce is her children. This is going to be a big upheaval in their lives, and as a mom she wants to make sure they're not negatively affected by their parents' split. Although, she's trying to keep things amicable, Kim seeking full custody is going to create issues.

Kanye is determined not to give up on his kids. He wants to be a part of their lives and plans on seeking joint custody of them.

Although, most celebrity couples agree to joint custody, in Kim and Kanye's case, they may be unable to reach an agreement. Given Kayne's bipolar disorder and his episodes in the past, Kim has concerns about his parenting. Adding to her growing list of Kanye worries, is the 43-year-old rapper's plans for raising the kids away from Los Angeles.

Kanye believes Los Angeles is "too fake" and wants to take his kids to live in a compound in the desert.

Like any married couple, Kim and Kanye had their share of problems.

Their issues heated up in the spring of 2020 when they began arguing while in quarantine. An overwhelmed Kim thought Kanye wasn't doing his part in helping out with the household. But that July, would prove a turning point in their relationship.

During a political rally for his Presidential campaign in South Carolina, Kanye revealed that he and Kim considered abortion when she discovered she was pregnant with North. Kanye also said that Kim brought North into the world, even though he didn't want her to.

Kanye's revelations was met with backlash, and it was also the nail in the coffin for his marriage.

Kim was upset Kanye would divulge private details about their family. Following his comments, Kim started talking with divorce attorneys.

Although, things may turn ugly when it comes to settling custody of the kids, Kim is trying to keep things amicable between both sides.

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