My Story

In 2015 I found myself in the middle of a nasty custody fight. Looking for support I turned to the internet hoping to find something. Much to my surprise I discovered that support for fathers was non existent. I created "Fatherslivesmatter" to find support for my situation. Over the years, fatherslivesmatter has evolved into a support system for fathers around the world. After representing myself "pro-se" and winning custody of my son, I had to decide what to do with fatherslivesmatter? I could stop advocating for fathers OR I could take all the knowledge and wisdom I'd gained over the years and put that to work helping fathers on a more personal level. That's when The Fathers Truth was born! It started out as a weekly podcast telling the stories of fathers from around the world. In the last 6 months I decided to take The Fathers Truth to the next level and start offering fathers a one on one coaching services.